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Delta Says "NO"
to Propane Cannons

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During the summer of 2002 the municipality of Delta put together new agricultural bylaws. These were brought forward to council for final approval in October, 2002. There were a number of issues these bylaws were to address, including control of the rapid expansion of green house operations, and agricultural land zoning issues. The municipality also included the Ministry of Agriculture's (MAFF's) 2002 agricultural noisemaker regulations into this package.

Our group's thinking is that noisemakers were a minor issue in Delta, and probably after some prodding from MAFF personnel, the guidelines were included as just one more item to "add in" while the bylaws were being looked at.

One of our members from Delta spotted this, and he set the anti-cannon wheels into motion. One member of our group made a presentation to Delta Council at their public hearing on Oct. 8th, and three more members sent letters to Delta's mayor and council.

The end result was that the agricultural bylaws were defeated at third reading. We are sure that propane cannons were not the main reason these bylaws failed, but trying to slip noisemaker legislation into this package was probably one more straw that helped defeat these bylaws.

Noise complaints are such a major headache for municipalities these days, and many juristictions are now finding that noise issues make up the highest per centage of complaints handled within a municipality.

Why would any municipality want to entrench the acceptance and approval of a major noise polluting activity like propane cannons into their bylaws. It makes no sense! Obviously, Delta agreed with this thinking!


Delta Says "NO" to Propane Cannons!

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