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There are many sites on the internet that discuss noise issues in general, and the issues of "propane cannons and other noise polluting bird scare devices" in particular. The table below is an ever growing list of anti-noise web sites catagorized as follows:

  • anti-noise sites that discuss the problems and impacts of noise in our every day lives.
  • a list of world organizations and environmental groups that are concerned about noise, and what they are saying.
  • provincial and federal government sites of interest concerning noise, legislation, farm practices, etc.
  • city and municipal sites that tell us what our cities are and aren't doing about noise.

So one day when it's raining in British Columbia, or on a day when you have been driven inside by the incessant "Kapow" of propane cannons, surf through these many links and learn more about the harmful affects of noise, and what our governments are not doing about this problem.

You will see that our government's departments of agriculture actually promote the use of noisemakers that create a level of noise above the pain threshold of the human ear.
General Noise Awareness Sites Comments about these Sites
The Right to Quiet Society
A British Columbia Society promoting awareness of the ever growing problems of noise pollution.
Noise Pollution Clearing House
One of the best noise sites I have found. It discusses many aspects of noise & has numerous links.
The Noise Center
Also a very good noise awareness site promoting "Noise Awareness Day" on April 24th, 2002.
NoiseWatch Online
NoiseWatch is a Canadian organization dedicated to raising awareness of the negative affects of noise.
Noise Free America
Noise Free America is devoted to fighting noise pollution

International Sites with Noise Concerns Comments
United States Environment Protection Agency, EPA
Contains noise studies back to 1972. Recommends every day noise levels to not exceed 70 decibels.
The World Health Organization
A very good site. Provides guidelines, impacts of noise and recommendations to governments.
The 8th Annual Noise & Health Congress
This Congress has recognized noise for what it is, a public health problem.

Government Sites of Interest Comments
BC Gov't Farm Practices Board site
This page describes the BC Farm Practices Board's position on Propane Cannons.
BC Ministry of Agriculture site
This site presents the BC Ministry of Agriculture's position on audible bird scare devices and specifies the regulations for their use.
Province of Ontario Agriculture site
98-035.htm#Propane-Fired Cannons
This is a very thorough site with a lot of ideas for bird control, including of course, propane cannons. It mentions cannon decibel levels, ie. over 115 decibels.

City & Municipal Sites Comments
Abbotsford Home Page
Browse thru our home town's web site, then sound off to your councillors and mayor about the use of propane cannons!
Abbotsford City Bylaws
Check 1996 section for Abbotsford's Noise Bylaws pertaining to propane cannons. These were rendered useless by the Farm Practices Act.
Vancouver City Noise Report
A Vancouver study of its own noise problems. Thumbs Down to Vancouver, for rescinding their legislation to ban leaf blowers?? more info:
Cloverdale's Cannon Page
An interesting page on the Cloverdale Web Site expressing that city's opinion of propane cannons.

Are you suffering from second hand noise?

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