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The Ministry of Agriculture and the grower organizations would like us all to think that there are no alternatives to noise polluting bird scare devices. It is not the growers who are the bad guys here. The villain is the lowly starling.

Well, Ban the Cannons says that this is not the case! There are many solutions to the bird predation problem and numerous initiatives that the government and the growers could undertake.

With the research our group has done, we have found a dozen or more alternatives to noise polluting bird scare devices. A farmer wanting to use an integrated approach to detering birds can implement a number of these ideas simultaneously, instead of simply bombarding the airways with noise pollution. These ideas are listed on our Alternatives page.

There are also programs and initiatives that the Ministry of Agriculture and the growers could undertake to address the issue. But instead, all they have done is assign one person to write lengthy reports. Early in 2002 the Ministry of Agriculture published half a dozen new documents that can be found on the Ministry's web site, telling us why we need "Audible Bird Scare Devices" (their new buzzword).

Our group says that these reports should be turned over to Premier Campbell's Waste Buster program. What is needed is action on the part of the Ministry of Agriculture to come up with solutions to the noise pollution problem.
Similarly Municipal Governments could play a role here, and it is time they stopped hiding behind the excuse that the "Farm Practices Act" has taken the noise pollution issue out of their hands. It is time Municipal Governments stood up for their constituents.

Ban the Cannons has a number of ideas and recommendations that could be acted upon by these groups, and they are highlighted on our Recommendations page.

And a final thought, there are many farms in the Fraser Valley that do not use noisemakers. What's the explanation? Why is it that you can find two farms, growing blueberries in the same general area, and one will use cannons and the second will say they don't need them?

When you go for a drive this summer to purchase your supply of fresh blueberries, please patronize responsible farms, ie. farms that do not use noise polluting bird scare devices. Thank you.
No noise is good noise

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