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I Can't Sleep! Our group, Ban the Cannons, is dedicated to stopping noise pollution from blueberry farms in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. These farms use exceptionally loud bird scare devices, most notably propane cannons, in an attempt to keep birds away from their berry crops.

Our group supports socially responsible farm practices and environmentally friendly farms. Berry farms can easily meet our objectives by using nets and other silent bird deterrents in areas where birds are a problem or where farms are in close proximity to their neighbours.

If you are a victim of propane cannons or other noise polluting devices, please explore our website further. Learn more about the impacts of noise on your hearing and on your health. Then if you decide you want a little peace and quiet in your life, or if you are concerned about your health and well being, or if you just feel imposed upon by a noisy disrespectful neighbour, then please join our group.

We are a non-profit, law abiding group of people, who are absolutely dedicated to the cause of regaining one of our basic human rights, ie. the right to peace and quiet on our own property.

For those of you who have told us that Tripod adds are almost as annoying as propane cannon blasts, you will be happy to know that we have moved to a new ADD FREE site thanks to a generous offer from a local cannon victim.

Our new site is:

Please check it out, and update your bookmarks.

For more information about our group,
Ban the Cannons
please visit our new web site:
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July 19/2003
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