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Our group, Ban the Cannons, recommends a total ban on all noise polluting bird scare devices as specified in our position paper presented to the Ministry of Agriculture in the fall of 2001.

This page focuses on some of the many steps that the Ministry and the blueberry growers could take to rid us of noise polluting bird scare devices. These ideas are in addition to the thoughts presented in our group's position paper.
  • First, the ministry could assign staff to actually study the bird predation problem rather than just writing reports about it. For example there is currently a virus infecting Fraser Valley blueberry plants called blueberry scorch. The Provincial Ministry of Agriculture has teamed with Agriculture Canada to tackle this problem. They have assigned a dozen or more researchers to this issue. Why aren't these two groups assigning people to study the bird predation problem, a problem they claim causes crop losses of up to ten per cent?

  • Second, test farms could be established that would test all available silent bird deterents and experiment with new technologies, such as the new laser device discussed on our web site's device page. The objective would be to determine the best quiet techniques for deterring birds.

The bottom line here is that there are many things the government and the grower organizations could do to solve the noise pollution problem, and ultimately eliminate noise polluting bird scare devices. But they are doing nothing!

Banning propane cannons is a sound idea

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