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"All Night Cannon Reports"
At our group meeting on July 24th, 2002, one of our members reported that a cannon had been allowed to run all night long in his neighbourhood. The next day our friend complained to the BC Blueberry Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, and his local municipality, but "so what".

What really happend as a result?

A blueberry council person scurried around and the event did not happen again the following night, but what is to stop another irresponsible grower from letting one of these devices blast away all night at some future date. None of our elected officials or police forces are doing anything about this.

Back in February of 2002, the Minister of Agriculture, John van Dongen promised new and tougher propane cannon regulations and said that violations of the new rules would not be acceptable. So John, what is happening?

We are experiencing cannons starting well before the 6:30 start time, cannons are booming in many areas past 8:00 PM, and now we are starting to have "all nighters". What is being done by you and your staff to regulate propane cannon activity? What are you doing to fulfill all of the promises you made to those of us who have to endure propane cannons?

(Since adding this page, other locations have also reported all-nighters, see the ever growing list, below:)
  1. Surrey, near 170th & 28th
  2. Surrey, Serpentine River area
  3. Surrey, Morgan Creek area **
  4. South Aldergrove
  5. Mt. Lehman
  6. Matsqui Prairie
  7. Bateman area (Abbotsford)
** more than half a dozen separate occurrences of all-nighters have been reported in the South Surrey area.

Noise annoys, as do ineffective civil servants

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