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And it's just the start
of cannon season!

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:00:09 -0700
From: DO
Subject: Start of Blueberry Season
To: Geraldine Auston

Hello Geraldine,
Thank you for your response regarding the guidelines.
This is how the 2003 blueberry season has started:
#1 July 01 -- 6:08 AM distant cannons, then at 6:28 AM closer cannons.
#2 July 02 -- 6:24 AM north along 168 St.
#3 July 06 -- some just before 9:00 PM
#4 July 07 -- 8:38 PM cannons to the NW (possibly 3407-168 St.) triple shot. We drove by there :10 later but heard nothing. Noted at this time, across the street, at the Bains farm, his bird distress calls were operating.
#4 continued -- a different cannon was heard after 9:00 PM and continued until after 9:30 PM. This was a single shot (every couple of minutes) from the NW but further than the previous one -- possibly from along 152 St. and north of 40 Ave.
Can we hope for better control of the irresponsible farmers this year?
DO in Surrey
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