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A New Tactic
To Silence Propane Cannons

From: "C&S"

Subject: noise scare devices

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 04:52:02 -0700

Mr. vanDongen,
As resident of Summerland, British Columbia, I am appalled by the governments acceptance of the employment of noise scare devices in my community. The noise generating from these cannon shots is loud, disturbing, and frustrating. Surely, in this technological age, the Department of Agriculture and the farming community at large should be able to find better solutions for crop protection. The sound generating from the cannons is just noise pollution. A friend remarked when visiting my home, "It is like you live in a war zone." Sir, that is exactly how I feel at the moment.

I recognize the enormous struggle many residents have undertaken in the past to silence the cannons and have failed; however, I believe that a new tactic is needed in this struggle. Since I feel that my government is not looking out for my interest by allowing these harmful devices to continue, than perhaps I should try to organize a large scale campaign to boycott B.C farmers who use noise scare devices is the solution. Maybe, then the government and farmers would try to find neighbour friendly solutions for crop protection. I simply will not buy B.C. produce anymore, unless I am sure that the produce is grown in a quiet environment. Furthermore, I will embark upon a campaign to persuade others to do the same. In this day and age, when a single cow can disable a whole industry, I would think that the Department of Agriculture would encourage farmers to grow produce in a manner that encourages its marketability.

Please do something about this problem, many of the people that voted for you live in a noise polluted environments and would like to see the noise scare devices banned.

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