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An Intolerable Form
of Torture

Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 4:26 PM
Subject: propane cannons

To the Editor:
In response to the letter "Noise problem not just for the birds" on September 23rd 2002 I must respond and say that the explosions from propane cannons are an intolerable form of torture. The cannons seem to bother the "neighbors" far more than the birds. I have seen birds perch on a cannon, then it blasts and the birds fly up in the air only to return to their original perch.

I am from Abbotsford and we have the same noise pollution. I just do not understand how one person's livehood comes above another's. I know there are guidelines set by the Ministry, but they are seldom enforced. I think more people need to hear explosions going off 24 hours a day to really understand the problem. Something should be done province wide. Abbotsford's City Council has openly said that the only solution is to totally ban propane cannons. More municipalities need to become involved. There are responsible farmers out there and they use nets for their crops.

There is a group called Ban the Cannons which is making head way in the Lower Mainland. The web site address is: .

Way to go Randy Quigley for acknowledging there is a problem that must be stopped.

GO. Abbotsford, BC

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