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Council restores,
faith in politics

In what has to be considered a bold and insightful decision, Abbotsford City Counncil almost unanimously agreed that the use of propane cannons as a bird scare tactic to protect the blueberry crop, must be eliminated.

Council collectively displayed keen foresight in understanding that cannon usage will become an ever-increasing problem to which there can be only solution, phase them out and replace them with the alternative methods currently available for crop protection.

Bravo City Council !

You have restored my faith in our political system ( at least on the civic level).

Let us all hope that your common sense decision spreads to other municipalities and, who knows, maybe even the provincial government will look at this progressive move and realise that merely regulating propane cannon use is not the answer.

It's time for this invasive, disruptive practice to be gone.

Let's just get rid of them and move on!

Thank You Abbotsford City Council !

J B, Abbotsford

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