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Did my Ears Deceive me?

Dear Sir,
Whaaaat????? Did my ears deceive me?

Was Rick Dulat of the BC Blueberry Council really quoted as saying, "Those who have aired beefs about cannons haven't called again after he's mediated in a complaint........." (Tues. Aug.20)

Perhaps a misquote or a typo?

That leaves the impression on the reader that it only takes one call and one visit to the farmer from Rick to mediate a complaint. After repeated complaints about my neighbour's cannon and AV alarm going off outside the guidelines Rick has been out to his farm at least four times that I'm aware of. Finally, I haven't emailed again.

I have also complained about another cannon three times and I know Rick attended that farm twice.

I know of other people who have called or emailed Rick and the Blueberry Council numerous times about the same farmers in their own neighbourhoods.

Seventy complaints. Hmmmmm? I wonder if my repeatd complaints are being counted as one or more as they're from the same person about the same farm.

Rick's being hired for the summer season has certainly made a difference but there are still farmers who are ignoring the guidelines. I think next year the Blueberry Council should hire two students instead of just one as Rick has to handle complaints from Richmond to Chilliwack including Coquitlam to Mission.

Better yet, ban the damn things.

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