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Government caters to cannon users

Wakening to the blast of the blueberry cannons firing off early every morning and then constantly throughout the day becomes more irritating every year. In response to the cannon proponent in one of the previous letters, Why should the residential population sacrifice their way of life for a blueberry farmer? If they can't use a cannon to scare off the birds, why don't they stay outside and chase off the birds?" Sound like a bit of inconvenience for the farmer! Many of the farmers do not live on the farm, so the noise is not an issue for them. These farmers must understand the residents by far outnumber the farmers and they go to work every day, which includes shift work for some. Some have to work while the cannons blast away in close proximity. Don't these people have some rights too?

We know the government makes rules for the blueberry cannons and we also know government caters to special interest groups, not necessarily what's best for the majority. Informing us what to expect and for how long just does not cut it. It does not make it right. It does not matter whether you live in the city or country, that determines if you have to accept, in this situation, cannons blasting all day.

Country living is not about compromise when the sole reason is for money, in much the same way as the SE2 plant is about generating money, not protecting the environment. If there were no money involved, there would be no cannons or SE2 plant.

I know many people appreciate the farmers who have put up nets and used other devices to keep the birds away. A big thanks to those farmers!

F. A. Abbotsford

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