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Left to Their Own Devices

RE: Crop cannons

The real issue is the level of mentality and the lack of knowledge on the subject of berry growing by the people who use them and the people who allow and condone them.

Birds, bears and deer will not touch a green berry, let alone at the earlier stages when these neurotic people are using every kind of noise device as early as March 1. And to the poor person I witnessed charging around the field shooting at swallows, I will gladly repay him for any crop damage they made.

By the way, the two deer that were chewing on your bushes within 10 feet of a discharging cannon looked quite content. Maybe add a few bells, (that) would probably bring their friends next time.

We used to grow organic berries. The only noise device I needed was hand slapping, but then we have respect for other people.


Pitt Meadows

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