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Loss of a friend
in Illinois

Subject: Live in Illinois in the State: Dog lost life due to cannon
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 18:13:57 EDT

This is a true story:
On August 8, 2001 I was away visiting my dad who was dying of lung cancer. A neighbor 1/4 mile down the road, a farmer started using a propane cannon for his melon crop. Keep in mind the majority of people on this two mile road live on homesites of 5 or 10 acres. With the exception of the farmer.
My golden retreiver Samantha is very gun shy. She forced herself (11 yr. old) through our locked fenced in yard on the first day August 8th the farmer used the cannon. She was hysterical because of the the shotgun like sound going off every minute on the minute. Sam broke her back.
My husband called me at 7 p.m. that night in Arkansas and informed me of the neighbor and what happened to Sammy. At 9:30 p.m. I talked with the vet about Sam and she explained to me that Sam was paralyzed in her rear legs, and was now having seizures. There was no hope due to the fact she had 3 broken vertebraes. I felt like my best friend was dying. The Doctor and I both talked for about 1/2 hr. and it was decided that for Sammy it would be best to put her to sleep.
When I arrived home I was beside myself. I could not go outside, tend to my garden because every time I heard the cannon go off all I could think of was my poor helpless dog. A dog who was my companion and sat beside me for days when I had surgery. My best friend.
We tried talking to the farmer and it was the same excuses you people have written about. I was here first, go back to the city, farmers have rights too. He made me sick.
So I have a hearing scheduled with the Illinois pollution control board to hear my case against the laws which protect a quality of life for people living in a community. Noise is damaging. I have a 12 yr. old son who has a senor neuro hearing loss, and this cannon will only cause him more damage through out the years.
So I am fighting him. Unfortunately it took a long time to find anyone interested in my case. But one day I stumbled across a wonderful person who used to work for the Illinois EPA. He is a physiscist on noise, and a renown expert. He retired recently and operates his own noise solutions business. We are going to have a hearing in January, 2003. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do. Discovery, obtaining factual documents and studies on hearing loss, etc.
In March of 2002 my dad passed away from the cancer. My life has been so empty. I cry so many times due to the loss of him. Sammy adored him. I am doing this for both of them. I know they're in heaven together and he is spoiling her rotten.
If anyone knows of any U.S. cases which were won over these cannons please, I beg of you email me at The more ammunition I have and documented cases against farming and the use of these killers the stronger my case is.   (Email us at Ban the Cannons and we will pass on your information to "B").
Equally if you need help let me know. We must stop people from destroying our beautiful backyards, homes, and environment of God's little creatures, big and small. There are more peaceful and environmentally friendly methods for controlling crows. A farmer can also grow other things when it comes to the residents who live around him if it means not using a cannon. This "Well I was here first city slicker" attitude has to be stopped. People are entitiled to peace and quiet. Cannons are for lazy, careless, farmers. In reality they really don't work as well as other methods. Nets, ballons, hawk devices etc.
The cannon stopped my dogs life, and took away some of my happiness. I will not allow the user of it to destroy my son's hearing ability.
Thank you for listening. Please contact me with anything you know. I only have until Sept. 1st. to complete the discovery phase of my case.
I was so please to find your site. Wish you were here in Illinois, I could use your help now.
Sincerely B---------, in Illinois

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