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From: The Council Advocacy
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Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 4:17 PM


The Editor Abbotsford Mission NEWS
Dear Sir,
The two opinions expressed in your paper Thursday August 22, 2002 raise interesting questions but only at Abbotsford you say. Andrew Holota raises interesting points including alternatives, and as he says "It seems it never occurred to various levels of officialdom that turning entire valleys and plains into the audio version of dawn-to-dusk artillery barrage was a lousy idea". By contrast, in his inimitable way, Councillor Peary says, "Berry Farmers have to make a living too". My God, how can any sane politician support "noise pollution" when on the other hand oppose "air pollution", when in their own rights, each is a harmful and dangerous phenomen of "pollution", that can cause various forms of illness, on the one hand stress and anxiety, lead to nervous breakdowns, in some cases loss of hearing and on the other respiratory distress among other maladys?

Council should be acting to have noise regulation removed from the Right to Farm Practices Act and back into Municipal Bylaws, that preferably such Propane Cannon noise be prohibited, as alternatives exist, which would address Councillor Pearys concern. However, the absence of unnecessary, disturbing and unhealthy noise would make living more palatable for nearby residents. Indeed, the question must also be asked what is the mindset of any Farmer whom knowingly would seek to disturb neighbours right to peace and to enjoy their homes, by continuing to use this outdated method of noise, when nets are a viable alternative, and should be perceived as a "cost of doing business" and as such, possibly for existing Farmers, some financial assistance/one-time grant to defray costs, from the Ministry of Agriculture is a more empathetic and wise business solution to pursue than to knowingly alienate neighbours?

The other wise move was to put Construction starting times ahead to 7:00 am, as who on earth wants to be awakened at 6:00 am?

The final silly statement rubbing salt into open wounds was the notion "stringent cannon guidelines from the province to not start cannons til 6:30 am and fire every five minutes", would have even a slight impact upon the issue, such utter and complete nonsense by apparently inept and indifferent Councillors whom would vote against any application to try and remedy the situation or pressure the Provincial Government to remedy the concerns of residents bothered by such incessant and unnecessary noise, it flies in the face of reason and to offer no compromize signals the very important notiion that change is indeed needed on Abbotsford Council, to attract some politicians whom care about their constituents ent to address and remedy the many forms of "unnecessary, disturbing, stressful and unhealthy noise", that readers can view our at or readers desiring a copy of the "Program" can contact us by e.mail at the to provide an e.mail address where we can send the program.

Yours truly,
George F. Evens, Chair
The Council Advocacy

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