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Starling Traps

For some unknown reason our BC Ministry of Agriculture personnel say that trapping is not a viable alternative for solving the starling problem. Ban the Cannons thinks these people are about as smart as the little critter on the right.

Many, many sites on the internet discuss trapping as a viable method of reducing starling populations. They provide plans for starling traps, and talk about their successes.

The Alberta Ministry of Agriculture site includes plans for making a starling trap.

A local Abbotsford berry farm, called Organic Blue talks about trapping starlings on its website, and this is a farm that does not use cannons or any other noise makers.

If all berry farms trapped the little villians, don't you think our starling problem might be greatly reduced?
the villain
(If the fluttering bothers you, hit the stop button on your browser!)
The following are links to sites that discuss bird traps in general, and starling traps in particular., Z-Trap

Bird Control Supplies, Live Traps, and there are many more.

Where did all our silence go?
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