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Neighbours From Hell
A Cannon Victim Recently I came across a web site that describes our propane cannon situation to a "T". The site is called Neighbours from Hell.
You have to check it out at:

The site discusses so many situations that our group has experienced all across the Fraser Valley. It describes a problem neighbour as one who often disturbs his neighbours at inapporpaiate times with loud, and unnecessary noise.

A neighbour from hell however is one who after having the noise problem pointed out to him, turns the volume up even louder, points the noise device in your direction, and forgets to turn it off later that evening. The creators of the web site must have had some experience with propane cannon users, or maybe all inconsiderates simply operate in the same fashion? In any case they are all Neighbours from Hell.

The site has many excellent examples and ideas on how to deal with these types of people. One very good thought is that in most situations in life you can avoid people or situations that are truly aggravating. But it is a lot harder and much more expensive to get away from a noisey neighbour. The only real way is to move and often that is not possible for people, so the animosity can really set in and reach hatred proportions.

The site goes on to talk about people suffering in silence and being too frightened to speak up or complain due to their fear of retaliation. We have heard this story over and over at Ban the Cannons.

The site talks about governments and their lack of involvement with noise issues. They don't have the manpower or often the will to do what is right. Someone has to commit a violent act or break the law before our politicians will perk up and our police forces will get involved. Our government agencies for the most part turn a deaf ear to noise issues.

The site goes on to give some suggestion as to how to cope with these types of people, and what you can try (good luck!) to remedy your problem, but it doesn't promise that much can be done. Most neighbours from hell are anti-social, uncooperative, irresponsible, and selfish and they don't give a damn about the impact they have on other people around them. The site concludes that sometimes neighhbours from hell can even force good people to do bad things to rid themselves of this scurge. It all sounds so familiar.

Propane Cannons Users are Neighbours from Hell

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