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A Message for all Fraser Valley
Municipalities affected by
propane cannons

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As most everyone knows, the Fraser Valley is currently facing the possibility of an extreme air pollution problem because of the proposed development of the SE2 Power facility just south of Abbotsford in Sumas, Washington.

However people are only starting to become aware that we are also facing an extreme and growing noise pollution problem in many of our municipalities and this problem is of our own making. The use of propane cannons by blueberry growers is expanding at a rapid rate, and other agricultural groups are also looking at using this insidious device, such as grape growers, cherry producers, and heaven help us, corn producers.

Currently the Ministry of Agriculture is trying to get all municipalities to approve and abide by their Farm Practices legislation and guidelines, and as a part of this package they would like their propane cannon guidelines to be adopted. Please whatever you do, discuss propane cannon guidelines with your residents and read the fine print. If you accept these guidelines and adopt them as bylaws you will be inflicting this massive noise pollution problem onto your residents for years to come. Don't do it!

The Ministry is also currently trying to convince all municipalities to take on the role of enforcement of these same guidelines, and trying to tell people that this is a good thing. The message is that municipalities should enforce these guidelines for their own good to stop abuses like overnight cannon fire or cannons firing too frequently.

To draw a parallel to SE2, residents are not worried about an excess discharge of air pollution late one night, we just don't want the damn power plant in the first place, much like we don't want propane cannons. It is not the excessive use or occasional overnight firing that is the problem. What must be stopped is the massive noise pollution that is produced by the regular day to day use of these devices.

No municipality should adopt MAFF's propane cannon guidelines without being giving the total ability to change the guidelines and eventually eliminate the use of these noise polluting devices. If all municipalities get together and make a stand against propane cannons, the noise pollution problem can be controlled and eventually eliminated. Municipal councillors all across the valley, it is up to you!
Make a Stand Against Excessive Noise Pollution
Ban Propane Cannons in Your Municipality

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