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In Surrey, the Noise Never Ends

This cannon season a person in Surrey is counting the propane cannon guideline violations that he hears from his home. Below is his complaint for violations #7 & #8.
However, this is a difficult task to keep up with because this same person has already experienced 12 violations, and his complaints are backlogged! What does it take to get our politicians to sit up an listen!

Subject: Complaints #7 and #8

To: Geraldine Auston,,
Cc:, Donna Jones

Geraldine, Kevin,
I can't say "Good morning" because it hasn't been one!
First let me backtrack to #7:
#7 July 12 -- distant cannons at 6:05 AM / 6:10 / 6:25...
Now on to this morning -- or was it late last night?
#8 July 14 -- started at 4:43 AM ----- YES, THAT'S 4:43 AM!!!
July 11, 12, and 13th were fairly quiet (for Surrey). But, how can you and the BB Council explain and justify the "Irresponsible Idiot of the Day". He (or she) seems to be on the east side of 168 St. and maybe north of 40th Ave. The cannon was initially every 5 minutes. This must have awakened some of the other irresponsible farmers, who then joined in, so that by 6:00 (still :30 before the "Bert van Dalfsen Guidelines"), the "War in Iraq" was on again! The noise was from many directions -- don't you think you need more "Rick Dulats" to cope with the problem farmers?

From the dictionary:
"Irresponsible" 1. not accountable or amenable; not of sound mind 2. careless of responsibilities; unreliable

Geraldine -- I have heard you are trying to have contact numbers published in the local papers where people can phone to complain re: the cannons. I have not seen any such thing.

Kevin Falcon, MLA -- " Falcon To Chair BC Resort Task Force" "VICTORIA Local MLA Kevin Falcon will be driving a new initiative to stimulate tourism." Congratulations! But Kevin, I can see difficulties in attracting tourists to Surrey. Or is this for stimulating residents of Surrey to leave, during the "revolting summer", and enjoy peace and quiet elsewhere - BC and beyond?
Also Kevin, since your fellow MLA John van Dongen:
-- was forced to step down as the "Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries" by an RCMP investigation.
-- has endured the embarassment of his father's SPCA animal abuse case and assault of a female SPCA officer.
-- was then snuck back in by the Liberal's back door to his old position at MAFF.
-- JvD maintains "no changes to the guidelines for 2003" because Stan Hagen made that decision during his (JvD's) absence.
So Kevin, my question to you -- if I want to write to John van Dongen, do I HAVE TO refer to him as the "Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries"? "Honourable" just doesn't seem appropriate.
So Geraldine...and others...
Now I can see the boycott gaining momentum.

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