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The Blueberry Blues

From: The Council Advocacy
To: Abbotsford Editorial,


Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 12:45:34 -0700
The Editor
The Abbotsford Mission NEWS
Dear Sir,
"We are farming community" writes misguided Dan Garrett in his letter July 8, 2003.
Such shallow and uncompromising rhetoric decries explanation but seemingly premised upon an assumed "pre-existing situation", that all Home Owner resident/taxpayers purchased after-the fact, in that Mr. Garrett assumes all Bluebery Farms were in existence and using the outdated Propane Cannon first, so as he unsympathetically says, "Buy ear plugs; sell or move, quit yer damn belly aching & blame yourself", but we gather he does not live anywhere near the incessant noise?

Further, possibly some or many Farms started using Propane Cannons after neighbours settled, some neighbour may have moved in unsuspecting anyone would resort to such outlandish noise, likely moving in during an 'off-season' but we merely speculate.

Indeed, the crux of the problem is some Farmers, under the guise of unjust law and a bent to make money, at any cost and at any harm or inconvenience to others, just so long as they can gain economically will perpetuate outdated modes of Farming, such as the offensive Propane Cannon, whereas more empathetic, cooperative and progressive Farmers will move to use of nets, and many silent devices to scare off Birds and indeed, such profitable Farms do exist.

Ironically, the same Minister of Agriculture responsible for the ill-advised and harmful "open net" fish farms that are causing serious risk and harm to wild salmon is responsible for perpetuating Propane Cannons and given this penchant for self-inflicted criticism, we can only wonder why logic, good judgement and commonsense is so fleeting, unless "politically motivated" hoping for funding from Fish Farms and Blueberry Farms?

We, with many others, not the least of which were former Radio Host Rafe Mair spread the alarm and we, with many others commenced boycotts against "open net" fish farms and retail outlets and lo and behold, revenues are down significantly but Fish Farm Operators wonder why? Similarly, the time to boycott retail outlets selling Blueberries from Propane Cannon Farms is now upon us, that combined with efforts to disuate "pickers", will undoubtedly result in lower revenues but unlike naive Fish Farm Operators, Blueberry Farmers using Propane Cannons can be assured they are architects of their own demise by being mean spirited toward neighbours, that inflicting such incessant and harmful noise will be met with losses!

So, we encourage Farmers to immediately abandon further use of Propane Cannons, modernize your farming techniques and recognize the ilk of Dan Garrett, with their head in the sand are a reflection back to the dinosaur age thinking, that yes, "Abbotsford is a farming community" but a modern day, progressive and considerate community that seeks to display common deceny, respect and a reflection that the "people they so annoy with incessant Propane Cannon noise are their customers and neighbours too" thus progressive Farming is preferred.

Yours truly,
George F. Evens, Chair
The Council Advocacy

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