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More Blasted Cannons

From: "B. D.


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 09:32:10 -0700

Hi Geraldine,
Further to my email of yesterday, just a hour or so after my initial complaint an additional farm commenced the 2003 blasting season. This guy was talked to last year a couple of times by Rick, nevertheless, he has launched in this season last evening with an even bigger louder barrage of gunfire. This is the WORST EVER...I was stunned last night as listened in horror to his barrage. Firing singles EVERY ONE OR TWO MINUTES APART this continued UNTIL 9.45PM.

He is also firing something I have not endured in previous years, these things look like a type of firework, these guns fire a bright white ball into the air about 50 or so feet and then it explodes in the air with a deafening bang.

This is OUTRAGEOUS it is scaring the hell out of my livestock as well. My Llamas where running around the field last night in terror, and my dogs winced at every blast.

This is ABSOLUTELY started this morning as well at 5.50AM.

This is the Hoonjam farm at 18296 88th Ave. Please help , as once again this guy is way out of line with the rules....and what's with these new firework blasters...surely this can be stopped as it is just way way over the top, no one should have to suffer such an offence to their right to peace and quiet!

Can Rick or some authority call me at the office today to discuss a corrective plan of action

Many thanks
B D.
Port Kells

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