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This Lady Won't Buy

From: CE
CC:, Abbotsford News Editorial ,,
Subject: Fw: Blueberry Farm Cannons
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 14:51:04 -0700

Subject: Fw: Blueberry Farm Cannons

This is my response to Jessica Singh's letter dated July 3, 2003 "Noise is part of living in an expanding city".
Jessica, now you are implying that we citizens are bad people if we are upset with your noise making Propane Cannons and that we are against a good economy? Nice try Jessica. Quite simply, I am not going to buy blueberries grown on a farm that uses cannons. As well, I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will also be discussing with the local supermarkets and tell them that I won't buy the blueberries that they are selling in the store if they come from "cannon farms". Using the word "economy" as a tool against people who are upset with the use of cannons is nothing short of ridiculous and shows that you think it's perfectly alright to do as you please because it's good for the economy (your pocket) even if it's uncomfortable and stressful for others. Nice neighbor, aren't you?
By the way, we wonder how many Farmers whom are using this outdated method of scaring Birds, actually live on the Farms and are prepared to endure the incessant noise they make, without conscience, protected by an outdated and unjust law, a noise that bothers neighbours and various farm animals alike?
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