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Blasts Unnecessary

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Abbotsford Council for it's decision to help us all with the blueberry cannon issue.

It will be so wonderful when their use is banned

We live across the street from a blueberry field in Mt. Lehman, and they were not using cannons when we first moved in 13 years ago.

Since then, the farm has had new owners and there have been cannons blasting away for a few years now.

I really don't think it is necessary for a cannon in one field to scare the birds three or four miles away.

Sometimes they are so loud I'm sure people in Langley can hear them from here.

It's so unfortunate that the whole summer season is ruined by explosions, just when one would like to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

So thanks again, Abbotsford Council

G & RC. Abbotsford

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