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A Letter to Delta Council

Subject: Bylaw 6013

Dear Mayor Jackson and Councillors,
I spoke at the public hearing on Oct. 8th regarding bird scare noise devices and I thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to speak.

I am very concerned that you will accept as is Ministry of Agriculture's guidelines into your bylaws.

These devices are being used at the total disregard to a neighbour's right to peace, quiet and enjoyment of their own property which is the purpose of every municipalities' noise bylaws.

As I said at the hearing, Abbotsford Council has voted to ban these devices from their municipality. Meetings are to begin in early November with MAFF, the Blueberry Council and citizens to work out a schedule of elimination.

I urge you to contact Abbotsford and include a representative of your council at these meetings before considering adopting MAFF's guidelines. I know that Langley will also be included.


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