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A Letter to Delta Council

Subject: Adopting Maff Guidelines

Dear Mayor Jackson and Councilors,
I am very concerned that Council is seriously considering adopting Maff guidelines for the use of propane cannons to protect blueberry crops. These insidious devices that destroy the peace and enjoyment of property should not be allowed in our community. Many farmers, who are good neighbours, use nets to protect crops. It would be a step in the wrong direction to sanction the use of cannons by adopting Maff guidelines in a Delta noise bylaw.

Abbotsford Council has voted to ban cannons in their community. They have witnessed first hand the abusive use of cannons and the public demonstrations against them. A meeting has been arranged between Maff, the BC Blueberry Council, and concerned citizens to discuss a timeline for a ban. It would be premature for Delta Council to adopt cannon guidelines when such talks are scheduled. In fact, it would be valuable for Council to have a representative at this meeting (Langley Township is sending a representative). Information about this upcoming meeting can be obtained from Toireasa Strong at Abbotsford City Hall.

Yours sincerely,

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