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Banning propane cannons
is a sound idea.

In May 28th's edition of the Abbotsford Times Christina Toth wrote an article about propane cannons and suggested that neighbours find the noise stressful. Propane cannons are way beyond stressful! Noise at the level created by these devices is a known health hazard. It impacts learning abilities in children, it affects the productivity of shift workers and people trying to work from the home, and it impacts livestock and poultry. The Ministry of Agriculture's own documents state that livestock farms should avoid using cannons because the noise has negative affects on cattle (see their Resource Management Factsheet, Starlings and Livestock Farms, Order no. 384.200-7).

Imagine what would happen in a suburban area if a neighbour started up a loud noisemaker at 6:30 every morning and continued making noise all day long until 8pm. The police would be on the scene in no time and the noisemaker would be carted away for disturbing the peace. But in the ALR, normal farmers and non-farm residents have to put up with this nonsense from the end of June through to late October.

It is also a known fact that cannons are only marginally effective in deterring birds. More than fifty percent of berry farms don't use them. Airports, where bird strikes can cost lives, have found cannons to be ineffective and they don't rely on them.

Our group Ban the Cannons has looked into the issue of bird deterrents in detail and found more than a dozen silent alternatives to propane cannons. The best alternative of course is nets. These are 100% effective in saving a farmer's crop. If you would like to learn more about the negative impacts of propane cannons, and find out about all the possible silent alternatives, please check out our group's website:

And if you are bothered by these noisemakers, please join our group. We are a group of normal folks dedicated to the cause of regaining one of our basic rights, the right to peace and quiet on our own property.

D. G. from Abbotsford

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