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Interested in joining
Ban the Cannons

From: L M
Subject: Ban the Cannons
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 23:22:47 -0800

I have just read over your flyer that was delivered to our mailbox. I first read of your group last year because of the media coverage it received in the local paper. Up until that time, I thought I was the only one troubled by this. We have neighbours with blueberry guns that wake me up in the morning, scare our dog so that she hides and does not want to go outside & spoil my summer activities I would like enjoy in what should be a peaceful area. It has driven me to distraction and I think of it like the Chinese water torture. It is completely thoughtless for neighbours to do this. If I was a farmer and had NO other way to preserve my income, I would still at least feel bad about the discomfort inflicted on others and would say so. Our neighbours have told me that no one else has complained so it can't be that bad. I have read of the noise level and frequency of blasts that others have to put up with and I don't think our situation is as severe, however it is not an acceptable situation to me. We have a home where would like to stay for years and years. When we moved here there were no cannons. The neighbours planted blueberries and I fear they increased their number last year. I am interested in joining your group.

At this point I don't think I would be interested in picketing but I may feel differently once the guns start up again. I should not have to avoid having guests over in summer because of the blueberry cannon noise. I feel that the almost unlimited use of guns that the farmers are allowed is not reasonable and not acceptable to me.

Yours truly, L. M.

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