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Loss of sleep in Surrey

Hi, my name is D. Q. I have lived in Surrey for the past few years in the vicinity of #10 hwy & 152 St. Since moving here, I have had to constantly listen to these so called cannons which are for the blueberry fields. I have had a great deal of loss of sleep over these noise makers, which in the long run I'm sure is affecting my health. Where do I sign up for this partition which has been made up. Please send more info regarding this. I will read more info on your website to see who else I can complain to. Thanks for getting this web site organized. I wasn't sure how to go about dealing with this ongoing noise problem. I dread the thought of another season with the cannons.

I'm almost to a point of moving away from Surrey, if this is what the city counsel allows in the vicinity of personal residences - maybe the mayor should try to live next to them - I'm sure they can here them from city hall.

Yours Sincerely D. Q.

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