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An Uncaring Mayor!

Editor, The Abbotsford News: an uncaring mayor

Itís 6 a.m. and itís rainy outside,
But guess what folks, itís clear.
Our brand new mayor just doesnít care,
About Abbotsford citizensí ears.
Boom, boom, boom, hear them ring . . .
Our ears that is . . .
Hear them ring all day.
Boom, boom, boom, hear them ring,
Just another sound of spring.

By way of background, folks, last September, when George Ferguson was mayor, Abbotsford council voted to ďban the cannonsĒ and make Abbotsford a livable city.

Since Mayor Mary Reeves came on board, she has waffled under the thumb of the province, failing to stick up for the city, and insisting the cannons continue their song.

R. K.

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