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Blueberry Farms have to
Become Responsible

I am writing regarding the use of blueberry cannons . My family has been woken up every day this summer because of the cannons.I fail to understand why these things have not been banned,everybody knows that if you put up nets your harvest will increase and the farmer will make more money, how much more of an incentive do they need??!! Nobody can argue this point. Mushroom farmers have had to make changes due to the odour, chicken farmers have had to change the way they handle mortality and they formed SPFG (Sustainable Poultry Farming Group ) so they could get chicken manure off the aquifer and out of the Fraser Valley. Dairy farmers have had to build storage tanks for their manure . All this was done at a huge cost to the producers and they do not make any more money for their efforts!!!!
These farming groups did the right thing,they are being responsible members of the community.It is time for the blueberry farmer to catch up to these other groups and become responsible members of the community AND MAKE MORE MONEY DOING IT !!
What more of a reason do you need to ban the cannons? The blueberry farmers will thank you because they will be making more money and the neighbors will thank you because we will be able to enjoy our homes and back yards. There are a number of situations where an individual may become irate over the constant noise of the cannons,working night shift,can't sleep, babies crying,trying to study,and many more.With the expansion of the blueberry industry the risk of confrontation between an irate person who can't sleep and a farmer is going to become more common, hopefully it will not become violent but that risk is there when people take matters in their own hands, and acts of vandelism have occurred against the cannons so the risk of somebody getting hurt is growing.
Mr. Van Dongen, you have alot of reasons to ban the cannons,every farmer will be happy when they look at their returns for the year and see the extra dollars! And so will all the neighbors.
Thank you for your time ,I will await your response.
FR, Abbotsford

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