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Farms Blatantly Ignoring
the Guidelines

From: I&B

Subject: Rick Dulat

Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 19:50:49 -0700

Dear Geraldine,
As members of Ban the Cannons, we have been made aware of your liaison, Rick Dulat whose cell phone number was made available to us. After leaving four messages this past week and getting no response, we felt obliged to contact you. Either our messages were not getting through to him or perhaps he has been deluged with so many complaints that he simply cannot handle them all. I expect the latter to be more likely.
Our complaint is this:
We have several blueberry farmers in our area and the closest one to us, ( Mahil , corner of King Rd. and Lefeuvre Rd.) who was the subject of our biggest complaint last year, seems to be complying with the new regulations. However, the farm directly beside his (Bassi, 1655 Lefeuvre Rd.) is currently firing off two single-shot cannons every 30 seconds. Non-Stop!
It is difficult to tell exactly where the cannons are located because they are not visible from the road and the government's promise to have each cannon registered and a sign posted visible from the road apparently has been totally forgotten.
How can you expect us to want anything but a TOTAL ban on cannons when the berry farmers are not respecting the current guidelines?
Today we held another rally and we continue to get excellent coverage from television and newspaper reporters as well as support from the public in general. I don't think you realize the number of people who are affected by these cannons.
If you can't respond to all the complaints, I think it would be wise to hire more personnel like Rick to get out to the farmers who are so blatantly breaking the rules.
I & B

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