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Sanity in Kelowna!

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Our Ban the Cannons group has been following the situation in Kelowna very closely, and last week the BC Farm Practices Board rendered their decision in the case of Jim Wright and the residents of Lakeview Heights vs A. Lubchynski, (below,right), owner of Beaumont Estate Vineyards.
The Noisy Neighbour!
Mr. Lubchynski's use of propane cannons drew the wrath of his neighbours and they would not put up with it any longer. In some cases Lubchynski had cannons positioned very close to his neighbours' residences and he refused to move the cannons or use other bird deterrent methods, so the residents were forced to appeal to the Farm Practices Board. For more details about the problem, please see our Kelowna Page.

On August 12, 2002, the Farm Practices Board handed down their decision, and sanity prevailed!    Severe restrictions were placed on Lubchynski's ability to use cannons. If you wish to read the full text of this decision it can be found on the Farm Practices Board site at the following internet address:
The following is a summary of the conclusions of the Board.

Lubchynski was ordered to modify his bird scaring practices for the subject property as follows:

What more can we say except "fantastic"!! Now if only the Ministry of Agriculture would apply the same kind of thinking in the Fraser Valley, and help out all of us who are suffering at the hands of abusive blueberry farmers and their propane cannons. Please Mr. van Dongen, give us a break as well.
Thank You, Farm Practices Board

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