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Ban the Cannons
and the Guns
I found this quite hard to believe, but several government sites actually suggest the use of guns as a method of scaring or killing birds. Isn't it illegal to discharge a gun in a populated area like the Fraser Valley of British Columbia?

I hope some environmental activists read my web page and follow up on the following links:

The Best One, from the Alberta Department of Agriculture regarding starling control, "Probably the most effective scare device is a .22 caliber bullet shot directly into or over a flock". If you would like to see this for yourself, I can understand because it is a bit hard to believe. The following is the site name:

And another suggestion about using guns from the Canadian Department of Transport. I think however in their defense, they are talking about bird situations at airports, but aren't most airports close to urban areas?

And finally from Environment Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service. This really is a great site that talks about all of our native birds and animals with great pictures, but read what they say about the American Robin: "Robins do considerable damage to cherry and grape crops, and to olive orchards and tomato fields while on their wintering grounds. A Canadian Wildlife Service biologist has studied methods of scaring birds away from fruit crops. He has found no effective and economical method. Acoustic bird-scaring devices, such as Av-Alarms, shooting , and netting of grape vines are only partially effective."

Yes, this Canadian Government environmental site suggests shooting as a method of controlling robins? It's hard to believe, but check it out at:

And you wondered why we have so many endangered species in Canada.

That's enough about guns.
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