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Grape Grower's
At Ban the Cannons, we recently came across this cute article in the August issue of a BC grapegrowers newsletter.    Some may find the article humorous, but at the same time we have also been receiving e-mail from folks in the Okanagan who are being harassed by propane cannons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their senses of humour have worn quite thin!


Ask Ralph
By Ralph

Here is a column hoping to help all you grape growers out there. I am certain that you have questions about grape growing or other intimate matters that need answering from time to time, and I am here to help. Just pick up a pen or send e-mail to and " Ask Ralph ". Here are just a few troubled growers with viticultural queries whom I hope I was able to give some inspiration.

Dear Ralph: I had a problem last year with my neighbours complaining about my propane cannons. I tried pointing them in all different directions and not having them go off too many times in the middle of the night but the neighbours still got upset. What should I do different this year? Wondering in Westbank

Dear Wondering: Yes, I am familiar with the touchy neighbour syndrome. I mean just because a little explosion goes off every 3 minutes right next to their house for a month and they get grouchy! This year borrow the biggest boom-box you can find from your nearest teenager and play Big Daddy and the Rappin Zombies at MAX on the volume scale. It won’t take long and your neighbours will be begging for the cannons. And I guarantee you will scare more birds away with Big Daddy.

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