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Our AV Alarm Page
These things might actually be worse than cannons, but fortunately they do not seem to be as commonly used in the Fraser Valley of BC. I think also the sound from these devices, although loud, does not carry as far nor is as penetrating as cannons, unless of course you live right next door to one.

And in case you are unfamiliar with them, they make a noise like that of a bird in distress. The thinking is that other birds will hear this and think there is danger in the area because of the distress call, and avoid that area.

A few facts about these devices are:
  • They are relatively cheap to install.
  • They are virtually maintenance free.
  • You should just move them around every once in a while.
  • They are somewhat effective, the manufacturers say.

I like the following quote by one manufacturer, "The BirdGard AVA makes piercing and annoying electronically produced "bird alarm" sounds". We all know who gets the most annoyed, the immediate neighbours.

The following are pictures of two AV Alarm devices. The one on the left is a straight forward model. The one on the right, as you can see, can really crank out the noise. The beauty of this one is that you can hold your own "Woodstock" in the off season, or at least blast your neighbours with heavy metal once the berries have been harvested.

Alarm Alarm1

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